Types of olive oil

Differences between virgin and extra virgin olive oil

You already know that olive oil is a basic in the Mediterranean diet. But how much do you really know about oil? Extra virgin olive oil is different than virgin and regular olive oil. We explain the difference below.


Extra virgin olive oil

This is the highest quality olive oil on the market. It is a natural olive oil, extracted directly from the olive through a mechanical process. It is considered unrefined oil and is not treated with additives or chemicals. Extra virgin olive oil has no sensory flaws and it contains no more than 0.8% oleic acid.

Virgin olive oil

This oil is also extracted directly from the olive, but unlike extra virgin olive oil, its purity standards are less rigid and it contains a maximum of 2% oleic acid.

Regular olive oil

This is a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. This refining process makes it suitable for consumption, but it also reduces the aroma, flavor and health benefits of virgin olive oil, making it a lower-quality oil.

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