FSO Garrigues

FSO Garrigues is a federation of cooperatives and producers from the oil and nut sector with its headquarters in Maials.

On the one hand is Oli-Art, SCCL, a cooperative based in Lleida and founded in January 2008 to sell the olive oil produce by cooperatives to the food service industry; on the other, Fruits Secs de les Garrigues, SCCL, a secondary cooperative, with headquarters in Maials, founded in August 1989.

This cooperative federation aims to pool the efforts of regional farmers in order to offer high-quality products.

The motto of FSO Garrigues, “overcoming new challenges”, speaks to the federation’s aim to apply new techniques and cutting-edge technology to harvest and production processes with a tradition deeply rooted in the region. All without losing sight of their beginnings and of what makes the federation proud: locally sourced products.

Please read our history to learn more about how FSO Garrigues (Fruita Seca y Olis Garrigues) was created.

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