There are a many almond varieties on the market…

  • ametlles4Comuna almond
  • Llargueta almond
  • Marcona almond
  • Vairo almond
  • Guara almond
  • Ferragna almond
  • Soleta almond
  • Belona almond
  • Lauranne almond
  • Marinada almond

FSO Garrigues produces all varieties of almonds, however, the region’s native varieties are the Comuna, Llargueta and Marcona almonds.

The implementation of new irrigation systems has made it possible to produce new varieties to meet current market demands.

Almonds require a specific climate and care but deliver incomparable flavor in return.

Our almonds offer unique flavor, a high-quality almond recognized by experts the world over.

At FSO Garrigues we only select the highest quality almonds.

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